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Season One Alternate Intro  (58k)

Written by: Rod Serling
Director: Robert Stevens
Cast: Earl Holliman, James Gregory
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01_where.wav 24k Opening Narration
02_where.wav 39k "I'm gonna wake up in a minute, I know it..."
03_where.wav 50k "...It's just that I don't seem to remember who I am..."
04_where.wav 36k "...I've always had sort of a secret yen for the quiet type..."
05_where.wav 33k "This is an absolutely hysterical town and I'm growing very fond of it!"
06_where.wav 23k "I wish I could shake that crazy feeling of being watched..."
07_where.wav 24k "Calling all cars, calling all cars..."
08_where.wav 17k "Hey! Where is everybody?"
09_where.wav 54k "...that's what you are. You're what I had for dinner last night..."
10_where.wav 28k "...please somebody help me! Somebody's looking at me! Somebody's watching me! Help me! Please help me!.."
11_where.wav 22k "...What happened to him is that he cracked."
12_where.wav 63k "...there's one thing we can't simulate. That's a very basic need. Mans hunger for companionship..."
13_where.wav 23k "Hey, don't go away up there. Next time it won't be a dream or a nightmare..."
14_where.wav 60k Closing Narration

Written by: Rod Serling
Director: Robert Parish
Cast: Ed Wynn, Murray Hamilton, Dana Dillaway, Merritt Bohn

01_one.wav 94k Opening Narration
02_one.wav 20k "...Now, today is the 19th of July and your departure is at midnight tonight."
"My departure?"
03_one.wav 38k "...This gentleman came here to ask me alot of questions."
"What gentleman?..."
04_one.wav 16k "Only those who are to accompany me can see me. Now don't you think you'd better start making your arrangements?"
05_one.wav 31k "Between you and me, I never made a truly big pitch...a pitch for the angels."
06_one.wav 19k "Mr. Bookman, I have the very odd feeling that you're taking advantage of me."
"...well thats a pity. Because I am!"
07_one.wav 32k "Lou. Lou, who's that man?"
"Do you see him?"
08_one.wav 27k "...Now listen, I'll go. Nevermind the pitch...I'll go right now. You can't take her."
09_one.wav 45k "...I offer you this fabulous the rediculously low price of twenty five cents a spool."
"I'll take all you have."
10_one.wav 8k "Mr. Bookman, you are a persuasive man."
11_one.wav 29k "It's midnight. It's midnight and I've missed my appointment."
12_one.wav 50k "...It's the kind of a pitch I always wanted to make. A big one. A pitch so big that the sky would open up...A pitch for the angels."
13_one.wav 20k "You never know who might need something up there. Up there?"
"Up there Mr. Bookman. You made it."
14_one.wav 73k Closing Narration

Written by: Rod Serling
Director: Allen Reisner
Cast: Dan Duryea, Malcolm Atterbury, Martin Landau,
Jeanne Cooper, Ken Lynch, Doug McClure

01_dentn.wav 29k How Dry I Am
02_dentn.wav 110k Opening Narration
03_dentn.wav 16k "This is the first time I've held a gun since... I can't remember how long it's been."
04_dentn.wav 59k "Hey Denton, three choruses of How Dry I Am. Let's hear it..."
05_dentn.wav 10k "Hey gunner! Where'd ya get the artillery?"
06_dentn.wav 38k "...Miss Smith. Please tell him it was an accident..."
07_dentn.wav 25k "...I didn't mean to...I didn't even mean to...I didn't even mean to..."
08_dentn.wav 20k "He called me Mister, Charlie..."
09_dentn.wav 85k "I was so good that once a day someone would ride into town to make me prove it..."
10_dentn.wav 14k "I think I'll go in and get a shave. I wanna look proper on the day I die."
11_dentn.wav 28k "...The man who drinks that becomes the fastest of the fast..."
12_dentn.wav 43k "...Step away from the bar please, Mr. Denton... And draw."
13_dentn.wav 14k "You'll never be able to fire a gun again in anger..."
14_dentn.wav 10k "Did you get him Pete?"
"No more than he got me."
15_dentn.wav 49k Closing Narration

Written by: Rod Serling
Director: Mitch Leisen
Cast: Ida Lupino, Martin Balsam, Alice Frost, Jerome Cowan

01_shrin.wav 79k Opening Narration
02_shrin.wav 43k "...Barbara, you were much younger then."
"Go to the devil."
03_shrin.wav 40k "...I don't play mothers...I never have and I won't start now."
04_shrin.wav 38k "...any part you get at this studio won't have to go through an agent. We can set it up through the Community Chest because it'll be charity."
05_shrin.wav 17k "From now on I keep the drapes drawn and the doors locked..."
06_shrin.wav 41k "We'll give a party. We'll invite all my friends..."
07_shrin.wav 14k "...You've built yourself a graveyard here! You keep wishing for things that are dead!"
08_shrin.wav 8k "I swear to you, I see her up on that screen."
09_shrin.wav 31k "...Isn't it odd we always picture people the way they were?"
10_shrin.wav 56k "...Jerry... I wish I could be up there with you. I wish...Oh, how I wish."
11_shrin.wav 73k "...Barbie! Please come back Barbara! Barbie, It's me Danny!..."
12_shrin.wav 14k "To wishes Barbie. To the ones that come true."
13_shrin.wav 56k Closing Narration

Written by: Rod Serling
Director: Robert Stevens
Cast: Gig Young, Frank Overton, Michael Montgomery, Irene Tedrow

01_walk.wav 56k Opening Narration
02_walk.wav 14k "That's walking distance, isn't it...That's walking distance."
03_walk.wav 12k "One thing I'll always remember ordering was a chocolate soda with three scoops. And it was only a dime."
04_walk.wav 12k "...A dime? Three scoops?"
"That's the way we make 'em."
05_walk.wav 19k "...old man Wilson. May God rest his soul. Sleeping in his big comfortable chair in the other room."
06_walk.wav 19k "Here you are. Thanks alot."
"That's a buck..."
07_walk.wav 18k "We're going to need some more chocolate syrup Mr. Wilson..."
08_walk.wav 28k "...I carved my name on that post in the bandstand one summer..."
09_walk.wav 34k "...I didn't mean nothin'. Honest. Lots of kids carve their name here..."
10_walk.wav 11k "It's been a long time since I've seen a rumble seat..."
11_walk.wav 59k "...Martin Sloane is now back in time. And his resolve is to put in a claim to the past."
12_walk.wav 33k "...I'm Martin! You've got to believe me, I'm Martin..."
13_walk.wav 26k "Martin! Martin!"
"Owe, my leg! My leg! Owe!"
QSound 3D
14_walk.wav 19k "I only wanted to tell you that this is a wonderful time for you..."
15_walk.wav 28k "It seems you are Martin Sloane. You're thirty-six years old and you have an apartment in New York City..."
16_walk.wav 32k "That little boy... The one who belongs here. This is his summer..."
17_walk.wav 16k "Maybe when you go back Martin. You'll find that there are merry-go-rounds and band concerts where you are..."
18_walk.wav 49k "...I got it falling off a merry-go-round when I was a kid..."
19_walk.wav 130k Closing Narration

ESCAPE CLAUSE - 11/06/59
Written by: Rod Serling
Director: Mitch Leisen
Cast: David Wayne, Virginia Christine, Wendell Holmes, Thomas Gomez

01_escap.wav 78k Opening Narration
02_escap.wav 16k "Here I am on the threshold of death and who is ushering me out..."
03_escap.wav 15k "You know how many germs there are in a cubic foot of air, Ethel?..."
04_escap.wav 9k "Oh, stop it Ethel. Get out of here. Let me die in peace."
05_escap.wav 20k "...Why can't a man live a decent number of years?"
06_escap.wav 23k "...Cadwallader's my name..."
07_escap.wav 10k "You're the devil."
"At your service."
08_escap.wav 14k "You deed to me your so-called soul, and in exchange I give you immortality."
09_escap.wav 54k " can exercise this escape clause by calling on me..."
10_escap.wav 14k "Take your hands off me and go get your claims adjuster..."
11_escap.wav 12k "...I'll take your money but you bore me."
12_escap.wav 25k "...Ethel, you are a potato pancake..."
13_escap.wav 33k "...No, no, no, no. No trouble. I just killed my wife."
14_escap.wav 5k "Lets give the electric chair a little whirl."
15_escap.wav 16k "The only thing they'll get for their pains if they try to burn me, is a staggering bill for electricity."
16_escap.wav 34k "...the court sentences you to imprisonment...for the rest of your natural life."
17_escap.wav 18k "...What's life? 40 years? 45 years? You can do that standing on your head."
18_escap.wav 14k Cadwallader's laugh.
19_escap.wav 11k "Odd thing. You look like a man having a heart attack."
20_escap.wav 6k "Hey Bill! Call the Doc. Bedeker just dropped dead!"
21_escap.wav 66k Closing Narration

THE LONELY - 11/13/59
Written by: Rod Serling
Director: Jack Smight
Cast: Jack Warden, Jean Marsh, John Dehner, Ted Knight, Jim Turley

01_lonly.wav 140k Opening Narration
02_lonly.wav 14k "You've been here 4 years now, so that make 46 more to go..."
03_lonly.wav 16k "...every morning when I get up, I tell myself this is my last day of sanity..."
04_lonly.wav 22k "...I don't want any gifts. I don't want tidbits. Makes me feel like an animal in a cage, with an old lady out there who wants to throw peanuts at me."
05_lonly.wav 15k "Corey, they don't know what it is that I brought so I'd appreciate your waiting until we get out of sight."
06_lonly.wav 95k "You are now the proud possessor of a robot built in the form of a woman..."
07_lonly.wav 38k "You're just like this heap! A hunk of metal with arms and legs instead of wheels!..."
08_lonly.wav 15k "I can feel loneliness too."
"Oh, Alicia, I'm sorry."
09_lonly.wav 42k "...there are times when I do know that Alicia is simply an extension of me. I hear my words coming from her. My emotions. The things that she has learned to love, are those things that I've loved."
10_lonly.wav 18k "I'm not lonely anymore. Each day can now be lived with. I love Alicia..."
11_lonly.wav 16k "...All the sentences have been reviewed. You've been given a pardon..."
12_lonly.wav 32k "Alicia and I will climb into that ship of yours and we'll look out the port, and we'll give it all a big kiss goodbye."
"Oh, my dear God, I forgot her..."
13_lonly.wav 17k "Corey, she's a robot."
"She's a woman. She's gentle and kind. Allenby, she kept me alive."
14_lonly.wav 19k "...She's not a robot! She's a woman!"
15_lonly.wav 43k "...Corey, Corey, Corey, Corey, Corey, Corey."QSound 3D
16_lonly.wav 76k Closing Narration

Written by: Rod Serling
Director: John Brahm
Cast: Burgess Meredith, Jacqueline DeWit, Vaughn Taylor, Lela Bliss
Download Screensaver (3.10 Mb)
01_time.wav 93k "Mrs. Chester. Have you ever read David Copperfield?..."
02_time.wav 59k Opening Narration
03_time.wav 49k "...I got so desperate that I find myself trying to read the labels on the condiment bottles on the table..."
04_time.wav 30k "...How many husband have you got? You've only got me."
"I would appreciate that not being rubbed in!"
05_time.wav 45k "I can only tell you that an adherence to duty, a constant rememberance that a a public trust...Miss Jackson, that's my speech for the Thursday night banquet..."
06_time.wav 84k "Seconds, minutes, hours, they crawl by on hands and knees for Mr. Henry Bemis, who looks for a spark in the ashes of a dead world..."
07_time.wav 30k "That's why I'm alive. I was down in the...Thing of it is. I'm not at all sure that I want to be alive."
08_time.wav 34k "...Yes, I'm really, extremely fortunate...Help. Help. Help! Someone please!"
09_time.wav 24k "I'm sure I'll be forgiven for this. The way things are. I know I'll be forgiven."
10_time.wav 27k "...All the books I want... All the books."
11_time.wav 59k "And the best thing. The very best thing of all, is there's time now...There's time enough at last..."
12_time.wav 49k "That's not fair. That's not fair at all. There was time now. There was all the time I needed..."
13_time.wav 62k Closing Narration

Written by: Charles Beaumont
Director: Robert Florey
Cast: Richard Conte, John Larch, Suzanne Lloyd, Ted Stanhope, Eddie Marr

01_dream.wav 56k Opening Narration
02_dream.wav 38k "...I mustn't go to sleep, because if I do I'll never wake up."
03_dream.wav 109k "When I was a kid we had a picture like this in our house...a boat. My mother used to tell me to look at it. She said if I looked at it long enough it would move..."
04_dream.wav 18k "I knew intellectually that I was alone. But I also knew that my imagination could make me see something if I thought about it long enough."
05_dream.wav 44k "I couldn't survive another one, the doctor said...there will be just as soon as I fall asleep. The girl will be in this dream again. And it'll be the last shock."
06_dream.wav 22k "It was the kind of place you see only in nightmares...but it was real too. Very real."
07_dream.wav 27k I didn't know who the girl was. I'd never seen her before. But as much as I was drawn to her, I knew I had to get away from her.
08_dream.wav 33k "...How do you know my name?"
"Oh, I know alot of things. I'm Maya."
09_dream.wav 27k "You can kiss me now."
"What if I don't want to..."
10_dream.wav 24k "I didn't want to go anywhere neer that rollercoaster. But I couldn't help myself. I had to follow her..."
11_dream.wav 54k "...If I go to sleep i'll go right back to the rollercoaster. Maya will reach me. She'll push me. And that'll be the end of me."
12_dream.wav 67k "I'm afraid he's dead...When he came in I told him to sit less that two seconds he was asleep..."
13_dream.wav 61k Closing Narration

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